Stereo-Type is a research based project that focuses on stereotype in typography and design choices in everyday life.

The research theme started with a packet of local businesses (Westchester, NY) coupons in an envelope, which is usually thrown away if it is not relevant to the individual. 
The initial research was focused on deconstructing the coupons visually and conceptually. Based on the deconstruction, some characteristics of coupons became apparent; cluttered layout, striking colors (red, yellow, black), and “wacky” typography. This lead to the question: “Why do all coupons use the similar aesthetics?” “Who decides what’s good design and what’s bad design?” “What does good design mean?”
Every research is organized in the coupon format, which mocks the original coupon set that came in the mail box. The size and the quality of the paper is the same as the original coupons.