We Don’t Speak January - Equinox 2023 Campaign

“We Don’t Speak January” is a campaign that we launched on January 1st at Equinox. January is the biggest month for gym memberships, but at Equinox, we announced that we would not accept any new members on January 1st because the kind of people who join a gym on January 1st are not commited to get fit. Our design was featured on the New York Times January 1st edition, Out Of Home Displays and window displays throughout major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and London. This campaign has received more than 2.5 billion organic impressions, broke our all time record for web traffic and led to the strongest start to a year in company history. 

Team: Will Mayer, Sunny Lee, Naomi Shultz, Erwin Sanvictores, Blake Morrison, Vanina Kim
Partnered with: COLLINS