Research :
History of Chop Suey

Numbers of Asian restaurant signs in the U.S. are designed with letterings inspired by Asian calligraphy brush strokes.
Chop Suey is the most well-known stereotypical “Asian font”.

Why is this Chop Suey font associated with Asian culture? How did this font become the “Asian font”?

Originally, the Chop Suey font was created to promote and rebuild Chinatown in San Fransisco after the earthquake in 1906.

However, Chop Suey started to be used for propaganda, which caused an association between the font and any Asian culture
(in this example,  Japan).

“Asian” font officially shows up on Google search today. This represents that stereotype caused generalizing / flattening Asian cultures into one aesthetic. 

In addition, this font is considered as “bad font” among designers even though it was not meant to represent “cheap” .